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Mrs. Rebecca D. Armstrong » Biography


My name is Rebecca D. Armstrong. I grew up in Randolph County, AL and graduated from R C H S in May, 1981.  I met my husband in 1978 and we were married July 18, 1981.  My husband's name is Ricky (Coach Armstrong) and he is a retired educator. We live in Talladega, AL and we are members of Greenbrier Church of Christ in Anniston, AL. We have 2 children; Brynn Caldwell and Jack Armstrong. Brynn and Jody have 3 children; Will-17, Ella-15, and Weston, 9.  Jack and Terri Leigh have 3 children; Ram-7, Wilson-5, and RayRay-5.  I enjoy time spent with my family and friends, enjoying pool time in our backyard, baking and reading.  My favorite books are the Bible, Nicholas Sparks novels and anything I'm reading to my grandchildren and students.
I graduated from JSU in April, 1991, with a dual BS Degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and again in 1996 with my Master's Degree in ECE/Reading Specialist/Technology.  We moved to Talladega in August, 1991.  I was hired to teach first grade at Houston Elementary in August, 1992.  This is the only school system in which I have taught and I am in year 30.  I am grateful and blessed to be here. 
I have always wanted to be a teacher...just ask my childhood friends how bossy I was playing school on the front steps!  I am really excited to be Salter’s Local Reading Specialist for the 8th year.  We are going to have a bright year.  #SalterStrong
Southern Union-1982
JSU-1991 AND 1996
Teaching Career:
Houston Elementary-1st grade and K-1992-1998
R. L. Young Elementary-K & 2nd grade-1998-2013
Salter Elementary-Local Reading Specialist and K teacher- 2013 - present


Alabama Continuum of Literacy Development (1)

Wow!  What a year is an understatement...right?  We've all paddled through unchartered waters and felt as though we were tirelessly struggling through the upstream with no dock in sight.  But...we were and are all in this boat together.  We have to share our oars and help each other to find that dock.  This is an excellent resource to help everyone in our boat...students, parents and teachers...success begets success and we are not even going to acknowledge the antonym for success.  Students, parents and teachers are all paddling to the dock of success.  Let us help each other on this journey.  Please contact the school and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.  


This is a neat way to keep up with your reading.  It will help you keep track of the books you've read.  Highlight the ones you have taken an AR test on and it will help you keep up with your reading.