Principal's Corner


William Arthur Ward said it best when he stated:  " The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires. "  During my career as a teacher and now as an administrator I have sought to live this mantra with my faculty, staff and students.  It is my desire to model the importance of being lifelong learners; especially with regards to current trends in one's craft.  Developing healthy relationships, communicating clear expectations, in addition to providing the means/ resources to equip and empower; are the keys to success in both the classroom and school. As an administrator, I aspire to promote and build relationships with my students, faculty, parents and community members. "No one cares how much you know.. ... until they know how much you care!"  I believe educators are responsible for providing an environment that allows learning to take place.  This means the schools must be safe, orderly, well-funded, and run smoothly.  Opportunities must exist for students to excel.   I believe the schools are “owned” by the community.  This means that all stakeholders have a voice in the education of our children.  As principal, I must develop a vision that combines the viewpoints of all stakeholders and presents a focused vision for our school. 




  • Master of Arts | 2020 |The University of West Alabama 
    • Major: Instructional Leadership
  • Master of Arts | 2011 | Jacksonville State University
    • Major: Library Media 
  • Bachelor of Science | 2006 | Jacksonville State University
    • Major :Elementary Education




  • Principal | Salter Elementary School | 2021
  • Library Media Specialist  | Salter Elementary School |2012-2021
  • Teacher | Salter Elementary School | 2006-2012